Gaby + Miguel

Spiritual Mayan Ceremony

Spiritual Mayan Ceremony with Gaby and Miguel was the PERFECT way to begin the new year! January is a time for new beginnings, fresh cycles, and endless opportunities. Recognizing that we are all part of a universal whole and trying to understand our place as well as give thanks to our surroundings is an amazing way to start a new year. And that's exactly how Gabriela and Miguel decided to begin their 2019. They invited their closest friends and family to the beautiful Portal Xibalba They contactedDana Arabel and there was an instant connection. Dana acted at the officiant to their spiritual ceremony and was accompanied by traditional Mayan musical instruments that set an indescribable ambience that could be felt by all in attendance. Gaby and Miguel headed to the jungle to make their offering to the land and solidifying their commitment, blessings, and gorgeous ceremony.


1/out of/60