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Ches Pizzini

Hi! My name is Ches. I am full of passion and enjoying living life to the fullest! I believe life is an incredible gift and our mission is to learn and develop insights to help us give back to others. In doing this, we can all be in harmony with the natural world.
My two sons, Eliu and Elias are my life. We love to spend evenings at the beach watching the Riviera Maya sun sets, drawing and painting together, playing with Luchita (our cat), and they enjoy placing insects on me and watching me scream!! Eww!! My other favorite things are dancing with friends and watching movies. I love the smell of fresh flowers, and always have to have them at home.
I am also published wedding photographer  and owner of Quetzal Wedding Photo. I am an intuitive risk-taker. I have a genuine love for others and give my heart in everything I do. I am a flexible and creative spirit who will not stop until I have reached my goal. My vision is to one day travel the world capturing destination weddings and other special moments of life.
Many believe that the wedding day is “the best day of your life”, but for Quetzal, it’s much more than that. We know that each individual is unique and special, and that’s why we emerge ourselves in your experiences to provide incredible memories. We join your family and our creative energies begin to flow. Being in harmony with the couple, we are able to discover the idiosyncrocities and tell an intimate story of your most perfect day.
I LOVE working in a team who share my vision. They are kind, fun, and passionate. Based on the size of your wedding, you will also be blessed to meet some of them as my second shooter and assistant. Together, we create magic and our combined creativity leads to endless possibilities.
When you choose Quetzal Wedding Photo, you will be getting much more than just a documentary of your wedding. We will create an instant friendship that will go beyond the lense. Our relationship with you and your guests allows us to leave you with an invaluable legacy for all to enjoy for years to come.

Ches Pizzini
Ches Pizzini
Ches Pizzini