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Ches Pizzini and Ber Bobadilla

We are a down-to-earth simple couple who thrive on enjoying every minute of every day. We truly believe that life is an incredible journey presented to us in order to learn, grow, develop, and become the best version of ourselves so that we can give back to others and be in synchronicity with the natural world and its inhabitants.
We met over 16 years ago, studying photography and since then, we have created a lifestyle completely focused on our deep-seeded passion. It is amazing to be able to share such a passion with the true love of our lives. Because of our devotion to this profession and to each other, we have created incredible partnership that presents a unique image. We go far beyond taking a “portrait” or creating a photographic record of your life experiences. We strive to créate personal stories based on your personalities and the emotions that shine through. We are committed to highlight the essence of each individual captured by our lense. We know that each individual is unique and special, and that is why we emerge ourselves in your experiences to provide images that are equally unique and special. Many believe that the wedding day is “the best day of your life”, but for us, it’s much more than that. There are many incredible experiences in life and this is one of the many. Therefore, we are not there to present a file of this day. We become your friends from the beginning creating a comfortable relationship so that you can feel at home on your special day, while we live the experience with you. Our creative energies begin to flow and being in harmony with the couple, we are able to discover the idiosyncrocities and provide something unique and invaluable. Berni is a laid-back, easy-going soul who can make anyone smile. He is passionate, free-spirited, and truly enjoys life. He takes time to notice and appreciate the eccentricities and small treasures in life. He continues looking at the world through an artist’s eyes; always discovering and learning new things. He strives to be better each day and is in love with his profession and his life. Ches is a friendly, empathetic, intuitive, risk-taker. She is afraid of nothing and has a hunger for perfection. She is dedicated, driven, and motivated to connect with people in a special way. She has a genuine love for others and gives her heart in everything she does. She is an open and creative soul who will not stop until she has reached her goal. We have been married for 16 years, with two sons and we fall deeper in love every day. Our visión is to one day travel the world capturing the intimate moments of life’s experiences. When you choose Quetzal Wedding Photo, you are making a decisión to allow us into your lives on your special day. But after the champagne has been drank and the music has ended, you will have two new friends, amazing images, and even more important…memories to last you forever.

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Ches y Ber
Ches Pizzini