Sophie + Sean

Punta Venado Floral Beach Wedding | Sophie + Sean

This Punta Venado Floral Beach Wedding will have you in AWE of what can be accomplished when you put your heart and soul into each detail!! Sophie & Sean met in the summer of 2009 working at the Orange Peel, a music venue in downtown Asheville, NC. . Sophie was immediately attracted to Sean’s ability to make everyone he came into contact with laugh. The first night they ever had a real conversation, Sophie told Sean about her dream to quit her jobs and take a long term backpacking trip around Latin America, and without hesitation he said “I’m coming with you”! Having just returned from a 3 week trip to Brazil – he, too had the travel bug. By November, they were inseparable....Sophie brought Sean to meet the Miller family for the first time after only a few months of dating...at Thanksgiving dinner! Two years later, after working tirelessly to save money by day and shamelessly making out at their favorite bar by night, they put their travel plans into action and began what would become one of many adventures together. In 2012, Sophie & Sean had an epic journey traveling throughout Central & South America – in a whirlwind of a trip they bussed through 13 countries in 6.5 months! They temple trekked in Guatemala, volcano boarded in Nicaragua, ate their weight in Dulce de Leche in Argentina, awed at the Incan wonders in Peru and volunteered with the most hilarious & incredible niños in Ecuador. This challenging yet endlessly rewarding trip brought them even closer & reinforced their love for each other. In 2014, they packed their backpacks again and did a similar, equally as memorable trip throughout Southeast Asia. They traveled to 7 countries in 6 months - this time taking their time a bit more and really enjoying the scenery. They learned to scuba dive in Thailand, spent a week at an elephant conservatory in Laos, ate their weight in Pho in Vietnam, enjoyed sunsets in Malaysia and truly had the time of their lives. Christmas of 2014 Sean surprised Sophie with the cutest gift there ever was – an 8 week old miniature Goldendoodle who has since become the center of their world! Check the wedding photos to see how they kept Frankie present at the ceremony! Sean proposed in June of 2016 at Falls Park in Greenville, S.C. on their way home from seeing Sophie's favorite singer/songwriter, John Prine, at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Sophie and Sean decided to plan a destination wedding because they wanted to give their guests the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and see a little bit of the world! Sophie took that idea to the core when she was planning her wedding. They wanted the wedding to reflect all of the journeys they've been on together. Sophie made napkins with brightly colored Guatemalan and Thai fabric. She made runners from macrame. And of course, beautiful fuchsia and orange colored flowers to accent the beautiful white Papel Picado flags and globe lights. It was a colorful and spectacular!! Sean and Sophie feel eternally grateful for their tribe in Asheville, CT & NY & all over the world who love & support them through whatever life throws their way, and to spend the rest of their lives together! QUE VIVAN LOS MILLERMACKS!

Venue: Blue Venado – Beach Wedding

Maria – Weddings in Playa

Alesia Solomko

Vanessa Jaimes


Button Up Photography

Shoe Box Bakery

DJ Kipper

Blue Venado Beach Club


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