Alecia + Sam

Generations Riviera Maya Destination Wedding | Alecia + Sam

Sam is very close with his family, and he has had the same group of friends since childhood and a few from college too. Alecia is everyone's best friend because her friends are her family. Sam is an introvert, but you can't tell when he's in public. Alecia is 100% an extrovert and love's a good adventure. We are the life of every party because we love to have fun and we love to surround ourselves with fabulous, good hearted people. Sam explains why is has chosen Alecia, " I love Alecia because she brings joy and passion into everything she does, she is always the life the party, and will always go the extra mile for me or anyone else in her life. I love that we share values on key items such as family, career, goals, and dreams; but that she also pushes me out of my comfort zone to travel and try new things. Most of all, I love the little things, like spending time, laughing, or just hanging out. We make each other better together and that is why I’m excited to continue our adventure together". Alecia explains what Sam means to her, "In a word, happiness. The longer version is that he means family, home, partnership, stability, strength, trust, admiration, encouragement, routine, confidence, sometimes headaches, and, most deeply, he has defined unconditional love for me. I never thought I would find someone that would make me feel as strong or as smart as or as loved as he does. He believes in me, supports me, and he loves me for me. I admire him so much. I love his voice, his opinions, his patience, his laugh, his expertise in everything, his love for his family and friends, his freak outs, and his heart. We have had so many highs and lows over our 8+ years, but, we always manage to power through, maybe it's as simple as saying our good days are incredible enough to fight for". Together they are balance. Alecia gets Sam out of his shell and Sam grounds Alecia. We're passionate about each other's happiness and look forward to continuing our journey as a family. Sam was a guitarist in a band for several years when he was younger and continues to write lyrics and create music. He cares about world events and politics. He loves literature. He is constantly reading and plans to write a book one day. He enjoys working out and has been coaching Alecia through her fitness journey. He's a true performer, from giving live shows back in his band days, to delivering executive level sales presentations at work, to being the life of the party. We are passionate about each other and look forward to continuing our journey together. Congratulations to the Newlyweds!! Hair: Diane Keller Officiant: Wes Ireland

Venue: Generations Riviera Maya – All Inclusive

Wedding Dress: Kyha Studios

Wedding Shoes: Vince Camuto

Generations Riviera Maya

Wedding DJ: DJ DiscoMovil

Videography: Casa Montalvo Films


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