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Beloved Playa Mujeres Wedding Photography Brandi and James met online back when Facebook had the "people you may know". Brandi thought James was cute and she commented on one of his photos about how much she liked his tattoos. They started private messaging and talked for months telling each other their dreams and connecting on a deep level. Brandi says, "It's pretty embarrassing when I go back and look, I was so smitten by him. I remember finding his english slang both romantic and entertaining. I blabbed out the weirdest thoughts and described these really strange dreams I kept having, not to mention kept referring to him as "tiger". But he must have found me interesting because we kept a solid connection through texts and Facebook messages". He eventually told Brandi he was in a band and that he would be coming to Texas and wanted to meet her. They met up at a tiny coffee shop not far from the venue he was playing at, and to this day he could tell you exactly what Brandi was wearing; a dark green dress and green snake pattern heels. Brandi didn't expect much, she just wanted to meet the guy on the other side of the screen who didn't run from her weirdness. James explained that was from England, and was traveling around in an RV trying to make his dreams come true. Brandy learned that James' kindness was as real as he was. She was unsure how it would all be because you can never really get a feel for someones true personality over some words on a screen. She was dazzled by his talented, by how handsome he was, and how he was just as weird as she was; it was an instant connection! When they talked about our future when we were young we always said how they never wanted to get married, but over the years that changed. Brandy says, "I fell so madly in love with this man. I don't think either of us really saw it becoming something serious and I definitely found his time away really difficult to deal with and still do at times, but that man continued to show me how he is worth it and our love is stronger because of it".Brandi was in college for art, living with her mom and James would often come to visit. Eventually, they moved in together in New Braunfels, however, they soon realized that they stuck out like sore thumbs in such a conservative town. So they decided to return to the place where it all began; Austin Texas. They rented for a few years before getting engaged and setting down permeant roots here. Now, they own a beautiful home now and Brandy can't believe that all this happened because of Facebook and a comment she posted 7 years ago.

Venue: Beloved Playa Mujeres

Decor: Alquimia Events

Beloved Playa Mujeres


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