Kat | Playa del Carmen

Kathia is a happy mother of two adolescent twin boys, and life has been interesting the past few months. With all the change in the world, Kathia is taking each day at a time, trying to make it better, than the one before. With the holiday season creeping up, Kathia realized just how fast time slips by. She decided, to drop everything, grab her sons, and make this week better than most. She showed her boys that it doesn't matter what people think, what your agenda says, or how many things are on your to do list. When your heart speaks to you so strongly, you have to follow it. She whisked them off to a wonderful beach weekend at Playa Esmeralda in the Riviera Maya, and she invited us along to preserve the memories forever! We adore Kathia for letting her love lead her, and be the example for her two young men.

Venue: Playa del Carmen


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