Anthony + Christina

Surprise Proposal in Holbox

Surprise Proposal in Holbox with Anthony and Christina! They have been dating for awhile now, but have both beed very dedicated to their studies. They BOTH recently reached one of their academic and career goals, and so they decided to focus on each other for a moment. Anthony planned a special trip for just the two of them on a magical island in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, Holbox Island. While Christina eagerly awaited their vacation, Anthony's head was spinning with millions of details. When she eagerly counted down the days, he nervously counted the days. When she was choosing what clothes to bring, he was choosing the menu. When she packed her makeup, he packed the ring. When they landed and she called her mom, he called the photographers. As planned, when they checked in Hotel Casa de Las Tortugas, the hotel manager offered them a free photo session and a chance to see the island. They agreed and all was working perfectly according to his plan. The next afternoon, the photographers showed up. They toured the island with golf cart, on foot, and by Mexican Cargo Bike. It was a blast. They wandered through the water, played with the street dogs, and became the center of attention for the small island town. When the session was over, they returned to the hotel, and said goodbye to the photographers. As the sun was about to set, Anthony invited Christina to walk on the beach. In Holbox, the sun always sets on the ocean and it's a spectacular site to see! Christina agreed and they began to walk and enjoy each other. As they explored along the way, they came across an old bottle buried in the sand. There was a note inside. Christina pulled it out and began to read it. She looked at him with tears in her eyes, as he dropped to one knee and asked her to commit to him for a lifetime.


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