Drew + Kim

Mystic Surprise Cenote Proposal

Mystic Surprise Cenote Proposal was exactly what Kim had in mind, while Drew was cluelessly preparing for vacation. Kim had it all figured out. She planned ahead. Make calls. Answered emails. Downloaded Whatsapp! Kim and Drew boarded a plane and headed to the Caribbean Ocean for an interesting and eventful week-long vacation. Once they touched ground, they headed for Tulum, Mexico! Kim selected a gorgeous hotel that is also a hotspot for locals , Papaya Playa Project due to their eternal amazing vibe! In between breakfast and walks on the beach, Kim had talked Drew into doing a photo session during their vacation. What Drew didn't know was that the photo session was just the beginning... After an amazing session in the jungles and cenotes of Sacbe, the girls were met by a Shaman, who was going to make a morning blessing in one of the cenotes. The Shaman invited the girls, and they eagerly accepted. After a very powerful ritual based on the four elements, the Shaman handed Kim a letter and asked her to read it stating that it was a "message from the gods". The letter contained Kim's words. And after reading the note, one gift remained. The Shaman handed it to Drew. Drew opened the ring, and emotion took her over. You can see the rest of their loves tory below!


1/out of/75