Pete + Mandy

Sexy Couple Beach and Boudoir Photography

Sexy Couple Beach and Boudoir Photography was Pete's sweet surprise for Mandy. This husband and wife jetted off to the Riviera Maya to attend a friend's wedding. They decided to take a little time to focus on their own love, and Pete booked a couple's photo session on the beach. While Mandy was planning her beach outfits, Pete was making sure she included a few sexy numbers as well. What Mandy didn't know, was that Pete had not only booked them a Beach Session, but he had added a Boudoir Session to the mix. Pete explained that he knew it was something his wife had always wanted, and he really wanted to give her the opportunity. So when they got to Mexico, Pete gave her the news, and Mandy was a little shy, but very excited! We think Pete made the right decision, do you?


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