Boudoir Cancun

This Boudoir Cancun Session is playful, sensual, and SEXY!! Heather is a single mother of one son, Irie. She is a photographer and often spends days photographing other females in their own boudoir sessions. However, she had never completed one herself. So finally, after planning to do so for about two years, she decided it was time! So she stepped out from behind the camera and faced the lens in a whole new way. She tried to remember the advice she has given other females; "Don't worry about the camera. Find your inner space. Let everything go. Embrace your body. Don't be afraid. Be you!" She put on her favorite tunes, sipped a Michelada or two, and got into the groove. Her goal was to NOT be like all the others she has seen before. Her goal was to be as natural and honest with herself as she could; no pressure, no prejudice. When it was all said and done, when asked about her experience, she explained, "At first, it seems awkward, but only if you think about what you are doing. If you really just get lost in yourself, a thought, an emotion, everything becomes natural and succinct. The inner you shines through. We are all beautiful, our bodies are just the capsules that contain us".


1/out of/20