Awaken Goddesses Woman’s Retreat

What happens when you females unite? The only answer is magic. The powerful connection between women has been proven since the beginning of time. What happens when females unite in their most natural, vulnerable state in the middle of the womb of Mother Nature under a New Moon, in a sacred cenote? Borders are broken, inner-selves are discovered, egos are relinquished, empathy and compassion is embraced, growth, wisdom and consciousness expand, patterns are interrupted, forgiveness and understanding flood the surroundings, hearts are open, and rebirth is welcomed. I had the unique opportunity to document an experience like this. Because the context is individual, and the intention is different for each soul, we'll leave the details inside the circle where they belong. But we couldn't miss the chance to share something so completely beautiful and rejuvenating, an humbling experience that each woman will take with them forever.

Venue: Posada Agua y Fuego

Flower: Phi Stylo

Women Empowerment: Awaken Retreat


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