Memorable Moments From 2018

Our Memorable Moments from 2018 will surely bring a smile to your face! We had the opportunity to meet so many great people, travel to beautiful places, and discover new things about ourselves as artists. But, we are most grateful for of all the truly memorable moments that we got to spend with you! 2018 IS ABOUT GRATITUDE! We love to create and we live our passion behind the lens documenting your stories! And this year, we were blessed to link up with interesting and genuine couples and families that were open, caring, energetic, and adventurous! We want to THANK Sul and Alex for playing with the seagulls during their portrait session, and to Sophie and Sean for having the most positive attitudes, even when the groom is a half-hour late to his own ceremony! (No worries. Mexico time = Macktime!) We are so grateful to Julia and Liam for jumping head over heels into the cold, crisp waters of Caleta Tankah for their Trash the Dress. And to Kate and Michael for ending your celebration in the hotel pool! Thank you to Stephi and Frank for getting behind the wheel of a golf cart on a muddy island with your white wedding attire and not batting an eyelash. And to Jess and Matt for allowing us to put their entire wedding party in the ocean in the middle of the night! Thank you to Candace and Abel and Anthony and Christina for trying your best to maneuver a Mexican Cargo Bike through the little streets of Mexico with no previous driving experience. (Christina, you're okay! Anthony caught you...kind of) Thanks to Kate and Matt for making us laugh so hard our cheeks hurt and to Tori and Mitch for awesome dance choreography! We will never forget when Brianna smashed the ENTIRE wedding cake in Andres' face and how Natalie and Luis ganged up on a close friend and were merciless with the frosting facial! Thank you Cristina and Jackson for playing in the rain with us, and to Robin and Sean for heading into uncharted territory for a street session without looking back! (Micheladas are awesome, aren't they?) Thank you to Kim and Drew for including us on your spiritual journey, and then being down to continue the session the next day! (The show in Papaya Playa Project was outstanding! We didn't get home until 6am!) Cheryl and Mario reminded us just how important family is, while Liz and Mike showed us how to end a party! Don't worry, the hotel didn't charge much for the damages (fire extinguisher, golf cart, etc.)! Thank you to Christina and James for physically bringing Ches to tears during the sweet and super emotional getting ready with your family. She almost NEVER cries, so this was definitely a memorable moment for her. (She's sorry about totally destroying the hotel bed.) We are also touched by the number of families that have returned over the years for family sessions! We love each and every one of you and we hope to continue seeing your families grow! Stephi and Eugenio, Julieta and Arturo, Valentina and Francisco, Samantha and Joaquin, and Natalie and Seth: Your families are precious! Of course, we can't forget to mention one of the most intimate memorable moments from 2018. Thank you to Paula for introducing us to many incredible females. This year we even met a few couples who were open and willing to experience new things and learn about themselves in boudoir sessions. We feel honored that you chose us, and we are thankful for each and every experience. You are all gorgeous, from the inside; out! We thank you so much for allowing Quetzal Wedding Photo to be a part of your most memorable moments! We are so excited about what's to come! Here's to another year full of growth, creativity, laughter and love! THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


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