Claudia + Franco

Hyatt Ziva Cancun Wedding | Claudia + Franco

This Hyatt Ziva Cancun Wedding for Claudia and Franco Lostaunau tops the cake!! From the very beginning of the Getting Ready, we knew this group of people were something special! The bright blue, crystal-clear skies opened up for a day filled with incredible experiences. These two people surrounded by so much love and support between friends and family made it easy to get to know everyone. Everyone was positive and joyful! Calm, cool, and collected, Franco watched his beloved sport on television as he dressed for his loving bride. The ceremony on the beach was bright and the emotions were high. Even the local wildlife stopped by to watch the happy couple! After the ceremony, they went for a long walk along the grounds and Claudia was agil and didn't let that gorgeous gown stop her from climbing on top of structures to get amazing images! As the day turned to dawn, Franco and his stunning new wife danced by the lighthouse and shared their very first moments as husband and wife. The universe blessed them with an impressive color palette in the Caribbean sky as they kissed gently as the sun set over calm water. The reception was kicked off by a choreographed dance between husband and wife to a variety of their favorite tunes. Nobody could wait to get on the dance floor to celebrate an exquisite couple on such a glorious day!

Venue: Hyatt Ziva Cancun


Make Up Artist: Sara Tamargo

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Hyatt Ziva Cancun


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