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Hindu Wedding Photography at Generations Riviera Maya | Reshmi + Jason

Hindu Wedding Photogaraphy at Generations Riviera Maya is full of color, tradition, and so much emotion. Jason and Reshmi had an immediate connection and since have based their relationship on complete transparency with each other, enjoying the small moments, and putting their love in front of everything else. Reshmi was askedabout her relationship with Jason, she explained, "When we first met, we had a conversation about what we value in relationships, and our consensus was "you and me”. Which represents that it will always us as a team, versus any competing interests”. She confides that "for us discussing things and being on the same page is more important than any argument that comes between us. It is engraved on my engagement ring and it's how he asked me to marry him. He used flower petals that spelled out "you and me?” They were very proud to stand before their families and announce their commitment to one another because they come from two different cultures within India. Reshmi sees her wedding as everyone coming together and embracing their differences that will blend into one future family. The wedding was colorful, fun, and full of Hindu tradition and culture. From the Milne to the Mangal Sutra, Reshmi and Jason solidified their love for each other in front of their friends, families, and the universe. The ladies delicately detailed Mehendi artwork was simply stunning and the dances during the Sangeet made you sit on the edge of your seat. Jason riding high on his horse down the beach surrounded by loved ones dancing to the beats of the drum, the Baarat was a truly vibrant and joyful event. And the ceremony was rich in Hindu rituals. The exchanging of garlands between key male figures of both sides as a symbol of the union and acceptance of both families is known as the Milne and Jason placed the Mangal Sutra on Reshmi's neck and Kumkum (red powder) on her forehead which is the Indian representation of a wedding band. Their vows were delivered by walking around the fire seven times called Saptapadi. Throughout all of the celebration and ceremony, they never stopped looking at each other. So in love, so ready to be one. The three-day celebration was full of emotion and energy. So many happy people sharing in the love that brought them all together. So many distant miles traveled by everyone to show their encouragement for this new relationship as husband and wife.

Venue: Generations Riviera Maya – All Inclusive

Styling Trio


Manish Moholtra

Ismael Gonzalez Filmmaker

Generations Riviera Maya


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