Nicole + Isaac

Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Destination Wedding | Nicole + Isaac

Isaac asked Nicole to meet him for coffee. Nicole was studying for the MCAT (exam to get into medical school) at the time, so she asked him to meet her at a coffee shop near the Lafayette library (where she was studying). After coffee, Isaac asked Nicole if he could work in the library alongside her (he was working remotely at the time). After working in the library, Nicole and Isaac headed for lunch, then walked around the Lafayette Reservoir and then finished their date at a local ice cream shop. Before they knew it, their "coffee date" turned into an 8-hour day filled with discussions on their career aspirations, their families, religion, politics, and funny stories from growing up. This was the start of an amazing friendship and an even better love story. Nicole explains, "There are a million reasons why I love Isaac. He is the first person I want to celebrate with and the person I turn to for comfort. Over these last 6 years together, he has become my love, my best friend, my trusted advisor, my life partner, my dream come true. I love that we’ve always been able to be 100% ourselves with each other. We’ve grown together and supported one another as our dreams have blossomed. He has taught me patience and has shown me more love than I have ever known, and I’m so grateful". When we asked Isaac about Nicole, his eyes began to sparkle..."My fiance is incredibly special to me. She is the person I can be my whole self with. She challenges me to be a better person and to think about the world from another perspective. We have learned how to support each other in achieving our goals and have a common vision for what values in our lives we cherish most and what the future we are working towards will look like. We have fun, relax, and enjoy life together, but have also learned how to work together as a team that can achieve more and conquer tougher challenges together than we could alone. We have an extremely strong foundation of mutual trust and honesty, and are constantly honing our communication skills with one another. She is beautiful, intelligent, kind, open, competitive, not afraid to speak her mind, and also has a silly side. I love her"! We wish this couple a long, happy and healthy marriage! Officiant: Katherine Smith

Venue: Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa

Wedding Dress: BoLee Bridal Couture

Wedding clothes: Betsy Johnson

Love Memories

Wedding Venue: Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres

Men's Jewelry: Stephen Jacob

Wedding Rings: James Allen

Wedding DJ: DJ Temo Piers


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