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Childhood Sweetheart Royalton Wedding | Emma + Ashley

Emma and Ashley have a special storybook kind of love. We think that Ashley, the groom explains it best: "I used to see Emma walking near my house on her way home from school. I would admire her as she strolled by, I was only around 12 at the time! About a year later I then realized she was one of my friends cousins, I would see at Mo's house while I was there with her cousin. We got to know each other from then. But it wasn't until 2006 when I made my move! We was talking on MSN messenger when she told me her sister had gone into labour (with Emelia our niece who will be 13 at our wedding!) I saw my opportunity and asked her to text me to let me know when she arrived and finally we exchanged numbers. She text me that evening and we talked all night. We arranged to meet in front of the castle in our village the following day. When I approached the bench where we was going to meet my heart raced! We just walked and talked all night, it was magical! One month later on the 16th April 2006, Easter Sunday, I asked Emma if she would be my girlfriend. It wasn't always fairy tales for us, we were inseparable for a few years, until we both become young adults finding our own way in the world and separated for around a year or so. But something brought us back together again, stronger and happier than ever! So all I can say is from walking Emma to her classes and winning a 'corridor kissing' award at school, buying our first house to adopting our furry child 'Bella' I believe we are the two luckiest people alive to have found their true soul mate at such a young age. Which is why exactly 11 years later (a long time I know) 16th April 2017 on Easter Sunday once again, in front of the castle where we first met, my heart still racing, along side Bella I asked Emma to be my wife! We have been together 12 years now, it was most definitely love at first sight, childhood sweethearts."

Venue: Royalton Riviera Cancun

Make Up Artist: Sara Tamargo

Audio Visual / DJ: DJ Doremixx

Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa

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