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Azul Beach Wedding Photography is beautiful, relaxing, and blissful. Sul and Alex met five years ago while they were in college and living in different states. They met through his childhood friend who was Sul's roommate and close friend at school. That first night, they talked all night long. Alex says there was a moment that night, when he had a strong feeling that Sul was going to be the one, or that we'd know each other for a long time. He went home that first night and told his mother Sul's name because he had a feeling. Sul and Alex wanted to do a destination wedding to allow all their close friends and family to travel and enjoy themselves, not only at the wedding. They talked about renting a large house and having everyone in the family stay there so that they could relish all the family time together. Then, they joked about doing it in Mexico, and to Sul's surprise many of her most important people were willing to make the trip. They had a late morning ceremony that was relaxing and warm. They family and friends were so supportive and happy to see Sul and Alex commit to one another. The day was a perfect combination of sweetness, warm hearts, sunny skies, and true love.

Venue: Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun

Azul Beach Resort


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