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Azul Beach Resorts Destination Wedding | Agota + Brian

Azul Beach Resorts Destination Wedding for Agota and Brian was meant-to-be. When we asked Agota how the two of them met, she explained it perfectly, "It was destiny. I went out with my girlfriend to celebrate my birthday on March 13, 2014. When we walked in the restaurant I noticed Brian sitting with his friends by the bar. He was wearing a baseball hat and I couldn't stop looking at him. He was extremely handsome. I told my girlfriend that I didn't care how long it takes but I'm wasn't leaving until I had his number. Two hours later, my girlfriend was drunk and ready to leave when finally Brian got up and walked over. "What are you girls doing?", he asked. To which I responded, "Well, it took you long enough". He laughed. "We are celebrating my birthday." I said. " When is your birthday? ", he asked. "March 10th."I answered. "No way. Mine is March 10th!", said surprised and excited. "I don't believe you. Show me your ID." I said quickly. And there it was.. we have the same birthday. I think that was the moment when we both thought we have something special."

Venue: Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun

Azul Beach Resort


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