We Playa Birthday Party Celebration | Liliana

As Liliana completes another cycle around the sun, her wish was to be with the ones she loves. To celebrate new beginnings and give thanks for close connections, she was surrounded by her nearest and dearest. They gathered at We Playa for a private party on the rooftop, and everyone brought a little something to share. Liliana's friends surprised her with a pre-party pampering of hair, makeup and nail work! Then they headed to the rooftop to get the party started. Between DJ Dan Saldierna and Violinist Tenoch Lejia Herrera, the beats kept them moving. Liliana brought her hoop to spice up the night, and they invested in some silly string for extra fun!

Venue: Playa del Carmen

Makeup Artist: Paty Sánchez

Violinist: Tenoch Leija Herrera

DJ : Dan Saldierna

Wedding Cake : Marc Garcia

Nail Salon: Sam Suárez


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