Theler Vanegas

Theler Vanegas Family | Playa Esmeralda

One of the best and most rewarding parts about being a photographer is having the opportunity to see families grow over time and getting the chance to capture the major milestones in their lives! It all began with Eva's first year. Over the years, we have gotten to know Martin and Vicky. They are full of live and they radiate love and generosity. The decided to make the move from Argentina and follow their hearts, which led them to the Riviera Maya. As they beam as bright as the sun, we know that they have found home. Playing games, loud belly laughs, sweetened by the seabreeze lightly picking up the sand, we watched as unforgettable moments were converted into lifelong memories. We are blessed to continue watching them grow, and capture their most important moments in their lives.

Venue: Playa del Carmen


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