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Giving birth at home in Mexico is a minority option, but that was not the case a few years back. To be precise, in the early 60's, births were normally at home and assisted by a midwife. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the percentage of births by caesarean section should not exceed 15%. Sadly, in Mexican private hospitals, 70% of babies are born by caesarean section; in the public ones, this surgery is practiced in 50% of the cases. It is most certainly the mother's choice of how to give birth. I'm actually a mother of 2 wonderful kids and both of them were born at home. For me, the experience was absolutely wonderful, hence I support it 100%. The experience is completely different than in a hospital. Both, the mother and the baby, live this experience in the most humanly and respectfully way possible. Being in their environment, the mother becomes easily connected with her true and inner self and the baby without any kind of interference, the magic of seeing life reaches its full potential. The idea is to recover well childbirth, seeing it as it is, a natural, safe, healthy event, which women are naturally prepared for. I am absolutely convinced that we are, as we are born. A humanized birth, is smooth and respectful, considering the needs of love and respect of the newborn. The baby is born in a warm and humid environment very similar to the one it was for nine months. We avoid the baby feeling cold and can actually comfort him/her affectionately. Upon giving birth, mothers are not in a hurry to cut the umbilical cord. As through it, the mother continues to provide oxygen to the baby. The transition to lung breathing is occurred slowly and gradually, and the myth that the baby should scream and cry at birth is unfounded. The lights are dim and low, same as the noise, so as not to frighten the baby and his eyes and ears can slowly and gradually get used to the new environment. The baby listens to his mother who lavishes him back with love, kisses and caresses, they sniff and recognize each other, the little one observes his parents and feels their warmth and security provided by being in his mother's chest, feeling the embrace, the skin. Once the cord has stopped beating and the newborn has started his pulmonary respiration, the cord may be cut; the physical link with the mother ends, giving way to a stronger emotional bond, the love between mother, father and child. A healthy newborn only requires the love that his mother can provide at birth. I feel happy every time I hear a woman has decided to give birth at home, and I feel infinitely blessed to have the opportunity to share this experience, documenting this milestone in their lives. In this occasion, I'd like to thank the Diaz de Leon Gallegos Family, and specially Daniela, for opening the doors to their home. Thank you Sabrina Speich de Osa Mayor http://partera.wix.com/osamayor#!centro-osa/c1ofv [http://partera.wix.com/osamayor#!centro-osa/c1ofv] for her incredible work as a midwife and Maria Fernanda and Uala Maria who are "Dulas" are learning this incredible profession of midwifery. So this is how Zuria comes to life ...    OTHER HOME BIRTHS BY CHES PIZZINI: SAYRA [HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MEDIA/SET/?SET=A.665223123590349.1073741888.292917807487551&TYPE=3]


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