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Cancun Sunset Portraits | Luis + Ana

Cancun Sunset Portraits is an amazing birthday gift! No matter how long you've been together, a photo session with loved ones is always a great idea. Luis and Ana are from Monterrey, and they were early clients of Quetzal Wedding Photo a few years ago. They decided to return to Cancun for Cynthia's birthday. And even though they are the happy parents of four children, they chose to make this a special birthday celebration for just the two of them. As they were spending the evening gazing out over the ocean, watching the sun set, they were bewildered the beauty before them. They decided to make a photo session the same time the following night as the sun set. They love to spend time together, doing fun and exciting things, so this was no big surprise to either of them. They laughed and giggled like young teenagers in love. They played to make silhouettes and danced in the orange sunlight as the fresh saltwater slapped the wooden boards of the dock. It was a evening to remember and certainly, Cynthia will never forget this special birthday experience.

Venue: Cancun


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