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Anniversary Session Dorado Maroma | Kassey + Wes

Anniversary Session Dorado Maroma Kassey and Wes Weaver have been married for 10 years!! And guess what? They are wedding photographers!! So when they thought about how to make their 10th anniversary special, they went through the normal checklist of ways to celebrate. But since they are in the wedding industry, they made a completely different decision!! They left the kids in good hands and took off to the Riviera Maya for some alone time. We met them at El Dorado Maroma, by Karisma and we explored the hotel and its beautiful beaches. We were impressed with Kassey and Wes because before we got there, they had scouted the entire hotel grounds for the best locations, lighting, and interesting angles! They invited us to a mini island and we ventured out to capture the sunset! It was great! We were able to cross with our gear and shoot beautiful sunset photos that weren't interrupted by buildings. Kassey and Wes, being photographers themselves, allowed the session to run smooth and effortless as we exchanged information and opinions on equipment and lighting. There were lots of smiles and with very little direction, Kassey and Wes played together in the golden rays of the sun as they did so many years ago, when they first met.

Venue: El Dorado Maroma

Dorado Maroma


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